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Marc Max Pollock’s life story is an extraordinary example of overcoming adversity. Having grown up experiencing poverty, abuse and homelessness, Marc made it his mission to harness the power of the universe to change his reality from a life of hopelessness to a life of abundance. On his journey, he used the insight he gained to heal the wounds of his traumatic childhood and create wealth, health, and happiness. Marc’s calling is to share his transformational secrets to help you heal and live your best, abundant life.


In his national bestselling book, Curious Avatar: Exploring Reality, Spiritual Energy, Personal Transformation, and the Meaning of Life, Marc shares his secrets to help you heal and live your best life. Marc’s calling to write Curious Avatar arose during the pandemic. As the world struggled with the fear and disruption of those dark times, Marc realized that his non-religious perspectives on creation and his hard-earned knowledge about the link between energy and matter could help others and further the spiritual development of humanity.


After graduating from Baylor University (BBA) and the University of Texas at Dallas (Master of Arts), Marc pursued a career in corporate finance and marketing. Along the way, he met his accomplished wife, Brooke, and together they grew a successful marketing agency while raising four amazing children.


As well as being an entrepreneur and investor, Marc is an incessant spiritual adventurer, author, teacher, energy practitioner, and Reiki Master. When not writing or teaching, he loves traveling the world with Brooke and their children, playing music, painting, and communing with nature.

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Marc is an inspiring guest, creative and national bestselling author. As there are various topics with rich content that Marc shares, he merges energy and enthusiasm to empower and embolden any audience. 


​While Marc routinely delivers tailored content, his most popular topics include:

  • What is Reality? A Provocative Look at Life, Love, the Nature of the Soul, and the Future of Humanity.

  • The Curious Avatar Concept: The embodiment or physical manifestation of an individual's spiritual identity

  • Marc's transformational secrets to create an abundant life and insights into how he healed the wounds of his traumatic childhood and created wealth, health, and happiness. 

  • Realm of Energy: What is it and how does it impact humanity?

  • You are born to create.

  • Methods for crafting the reality of your dreams.

  • What is karma and how does it impact your existence?

  • Why is life so hard and what can I do about it?


If you are interested in learning more about how Marc would be an ideal fit and inspiration for your audience, please reach out to us today.

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"You already have the potential to manifest what you desire; you need to learn to use the tools at your disposal. You came into this life with certain creative strengths and weaknesses. It is your job to leverage your strengths and work on your areas of weakness. You have your Spiritual-Self and the whole of Source-Energy to support you in this endeavor."

- marc max pollock.

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