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What is Reality? A Provocative Look at Life, Love,

the Nature of the Soul, and the Future of Humanity.


In the national bestselling book Curious Avatar, Marc Max Pollock makes an important contribution to the advancement of metaphysical thought. He wrote this book for freethinkers who want to delve into life’s mysteries, and for the seekers among us who yearn to know more about life, existence, and becoming a creative channel for Divine Energy. Relying on scientific research and his own life experience, Marc builds a convincing case that humanity plays an essential role in perfecting the link between energy and matter. He delves into how you can focus energy to influence your reality, details the characteristics of Creative Energy, and shows you how to harness that energy to enrich your life.

The insights Marc shares in this book emerged from personal suffering and struggle. With the wisdom he gained about humanity’s link to the Universal Creative Force, he transformed his life and his belief systems and triumphed over a childhood of poverty, homelessness, and abuse. Marc has created a life of wealth, health, abundance, and happiness, and now he is sharing his secrets with you. You, too, can use your innate avatar powers to create the reality of your dreams.


Curious Avatar addresses many quandaries that plague us all: “Why am I here—in this lifetime? Why is life so damn hard? How can I stem the cycle of misery and live a fulfilling life? Is there intention behind our universe? Where do I fit into life’s plan?” and “What happens after we die?” This intriguing book offers a fresh, enlightened analysis of reality and serves as a guide for harnessing the power of Source Energy to help you create a better life.


A self-help book imbued with grace, kindness, and compassion; Curious Avatar is about self-empowerment. As you walk your own path of discovery, Curious Avatar will uplift and inspire you, and help you create a reality that aligns with your Soul’s purpose. It teaches you how to live a gratified life and build a view of reality that resonates with your Spirit.

Curious Avatar
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“Curious Avatar is an epic work that is at once a story of the author’s personal transformation, an exploration of the fundamental nature of reality, and a detailed and practical guide to the use of higher consciousness to create a life worth living. The path outlined by Marc Max Pollock is backed by extensive research and grounded in personal experience. I believe Curious Avatar will come to occupy an important place in the pantheon of the worlds’ great spiritual books.The wisdom and methods offered in this comprehensive guidebook will be returned to again and again by anyone sincerely interested in actualizing their own potential and bringing their highest gifts to humanity.”

- Ross Hostetter - Author of Keepers of the Field, An Invitation to the Unitive Life

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